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High-accuracy web guiders from Erhardt+Leimer

A new era of precision has arrived

Erhardt+Leimer high-accuracy web guiders regulate to within a hair of perfection

Wherever material webs have to be guided through the production process with the highest accuracy and precision, the new generation of high-accuracy pivoting frame systems from Erhardt+Leimer is the perfect solution.

Our new web guiders not only work extremely precisely, they are also highly compact and all equipped with the latest EL.NET technology. EL.NET will optimize your entire production process on the basis of a digital, networkable, IoT-capable and web-based system architecture and can be easily and quickly integrated into your network.

Boost your production results and rely on the advantages of our latest generation of high-precision web guiders:

  • Highest control accuracy and control dynamics
  • Brushless, wear-free drive technology
  • Can be combined with various sensors
  • Can be connected to EL.NET control systems via Ethernet in star or line topology
  • Optionally with integrated fieldbus interface Ethernet/IP, Ethernet UDP or Profinet
  • Simple service and diagnostics via web-based management using a standard web browser
  • Intuitive operation due to graphical touch operating panel
  • Optionally with additional command station DO 42
  • Optionally with clamping and cutting table

More about our product: https://bit.ly/3SFrri9

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