Ensure perfect web tension with Erhardt+Leimer technology

During your entire process, web tension errors may typically occur after the unwinder, between the clamping points, and on the rewinder. This may lead to malfunctions and quality impairments. The ELTENS systems from Erhardt+Leimer eliminate these sources of error due to continuous detection and control of the web tension and ensure highest quality throughout your entire production process.

PD 21 flange load cell for the converting and extrusion industry

  • Position-independent installation due to various mounting options such as flange bearings, pedestal bearings, inner or outer fastening
  • Maximum operational reliability due to overload protection up to 20 times the nominal measuring force
  • Different shaft diameters and nominal measuring forces to ensure a high degree of flexibility
  • With a horizontal measuring direction, the weight of the roller does not affect the measured result
  • Good temperature behavior and a high degree of linearity of the measuring elements due to strain gauge application on a flat surface
  • High permissible operating speed of the measuring roller due to high web load cell spring constant
  • Best surface protection due to chemical nickel plating

Depending on the material type, application and task, Erhardt+Leimer offers a variety of systems with the latest technology. Apply our best selling product for decisively more quality and productivity that pays off.