The perfect choice: Our universal and cost-effective spreader roller for the converting market

Since 2005, we have been supplying satisfied customers worldwide who recognise the clear advantages in the price-performance ratio compared to conventional systems in the converting sector.

Individually adapted to the materials that are to be processed, the different bristle diameters of our spreader rollers guarantee perfect spreading without damaging the materials with impressions or marks on film, textile or non-woven webs.

Do electrostatic charges interfere with your production process? Our conductive version of the BSW10022 offers a solution. The bespoke Mink BSW10022 spreader roller is supplied completely ready for installation according to your requirements. No additional adjustment of the spreading effect is required, even when changing products. The free-running design allows easier handling than conventional rollers. External bearings are also available as an option.

Mink spreader rollers can be easily installed even in critical areas and replace systems such as banana rollers or cord spreaders. With our innovative spreader roller, we meet your requirements across the board. Put your trust in Mink's expertise and optimise your production processes with us.