The EcoStretchRoll - a new highly efficient spreader roller. A new what?

When producing web-shaped materials made of film, nonwovens, paper or textiles, manufacturers regularly have to deal with wrinkles in the material. To prevent wrinkles, spreader rollers are used. Spreader rollers have the task of realising crease-free production and thus minimising waste. Since previous systems were not entirely convincing, DRECKSHAGE has taken on this problem and developed a new, highly efficient solution - the EcoStretchRoll.

The EcoStretchRoll is based on an aluminium smooth-running roller, which is equipped with special rubber spreading rings. The latter realise a controlled, effective spreading of the web material from the centre of the roller to the outside.

Users can thus produce crease-free - without rejects, marks on the surface or downtimes for adjusting the system.

The EcoStretchRoll is used wherever wrinkles could occur. It is installed like an idler roller, without a predefined direction of rotation, without adjustment of the roller and independent of the wrap angle. All these advantages already work from a layer thickness of <5 μm.

Particularly noteworthy is the use in extrusion and coating lines. Many customers now use the EcoStretchRoll in various assemblies. Manufacturers of blown and flat films report very successful use in the turning bar system, upstream of the width measurement, upstream of the corona pre-treatment, upstream of the side and centre cut and upstream of the rewinders.

Rejects due to wrinkles during coating and laminating can also be minimised, as the use of the EcoStretchRoll ensures wrinkle-free web guidance into the assembly. The big advantage is the aspect that the same spreader roll can always be used regardless of the layer thickness .

The advantages of the EcoStretchRoll at a glance:

  • even spreads media with layer thicknesses
  • gentle, mark-free and effective spreading
  • Virtually wear-free - ozone-resistant
  • can be used for multiple cuttings
  • vibration-resistant
  • does not require own drive or adjustment of the roller
  • FDA-compliant available
  • no functionless middle section