Siloanlagen Achberg: New suction box with angel hair grid

Siloanlagen Achberg GmbH & CO. KG

With the development of the new ASK.AH suction box, Siloanlagen Achberg offers the possibility of removing angel hair from plastic granulate. A drawer with grid sieve located in the suction box retains the angel hair.

The new suction box with angel hair grid is attached to the outlet of silos or flexible silos. The unwanted angel hair is held back by a grid sieve (angel hair grid) integrated in the flow, which is fixed in a lockable drawer with sight glass. To empty the grid sieve, the drawer can be pulled out and the angel hair can be removed.

The suction box has a modular design. Different connection flanges are available for attaching the suction box to the silo outlet. Up to four suction pipes with diameters from Ø 38 mm to Ø 84 mm can be attached. Suction boxes with more suction points are already being planned.

How is angel hair created?

Angel hair occurs during the pneumatic conveying of plastic granulates when the surface of the plastic granulate is damaged during transport through the conveying lines. Supported by a high conveying speed and a high conveying air temperature, the initially slight damages then form long plastic threads, which can lead to problems during the further processing of the plastic granulate.