Achberg develops new user interface for silo control

Siloanlagen Achberg GmbH & CO. KG

Achberg has developed a new interface for user-friendly operation and monitoring of silo systems. Designed specifically for use in the plastics industry, the interface offers users clearly structured and intuitive menu navigation.

A silo system is controlled and monitored via control components housed in a switch cabinet. The user interfaces developed specifically for this purpose by the south German manufacturer clearly depict the components built in to the silo systems. The navigation guides the user through the sub-menus in an intuitive and user-friendly manner, similar to an app.

The main tasks the user interface offers include viewing filling levels, operating system components and the registration of parameters as well as information regarding the bulk solids. The filling level indicator continuously and/or intermittently displays measured filling levels, maximum filling levels and components signals in real time via high-quality touch panels, which are available in different sizes. The user interface can also be accessed in the company network via a web client that works on all mainstream web browsers.

The standardised user interface is pre-configured by the factory for the silo system in question. Important configurations and settings are user-controlled via an administrator password. Relevant areas can be defined for each user through specific users and hierarchical user levels. The user interface therefore acts as an extension to the hardware-based control unit and helps users to control and monitor the silo system.