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New longitudinal sealing station for ELBA SA-V machine

The new longitudinal sealing station, thanks to its ergonomic design and improved accessibility, allows the operator to carry out maintenance tasks more easily and quickly change from one type of pouch to another, thereby reducing changeover times.

Besides ergonomics, some technical and structural enhancements have been made, with the aim of further raising the performance.

The dimensions of both the sealing stations and the sealers have been optimized: indeed, the length of a standard module is about 1500mm and the minimum interaxle spacing between two sealers is 110mm.

The maximum width of the film to be processed has been optimized, too: 670mm, 970mm, 1270mm.

The sealing bar and the cooling bar are now installed on two different supports and can be adjusted separately; they are available in three different sizes: 600-600mm, 800-400mm, 1200mm.

Pneumatic routing and electrical wiring have also been improved.

The new sealing station can be installed on the previous version of ELBA SA-V machine.

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