CONTREX, the ideal partner for extrusion processes


Contrex is an Italian company part of the Moretto group. It is specialized in the design, development and production of extrusion control systems, focusing on cooling rings with thermal modulation and integrated thickness control, supervision systems with OPC UA communication protocols for blown film extrusion processes.

Contrex is the ideal partner for all flexible packaging producers, thanks to over 40 years of experience in the market.

One of the innovative solutions for blown film extrusion offered by Contrex is Gramixo, the continuous loss-in-weight batch blender able to handle up to six components and specifically developed to serve single-layer and multi-layer blown film extrusion lines.

Gramixo can be equipped with different hoppers to obtain the perfect configuration for every customer need. Ideal application is in the medical, flakes, high temperature, powder, micro-dosing and corrosion-proof sectors and it can be applied on film, tube, profile and sheet extrusion lines.

Gramixo has an exclusive design that simplifies inspection, cleaning, quick production change operations and modularity. Every part is removable and all activities around the blender can be done easily without interfering with the process in the production department.  

The dosing hoppers are completely made of stainless steel and equipped with an inspection door and an inspection window.

Gramixo uses a free weighing system where each raw material is accurately dosed before being transferred to the hemispherical stainless-steel mixer, which is easily removable for cleaning operations without the use of tools. High dosing precision is guaranteed by the exclusive double eyelid shutter device that allows dosing control in just 25 milliseconds, a reaction time faster up to ten times compared to traditional systems on the market. The quick emptying system of the hoppers allows the change of production avoiding machine downtime. Gramixo offers easy accessibility thanks to three openable doors without use of tools and equipped with large transparent windows. The internal part of the machine is illuminated by four different LED lights to immediately identify the status of the machine: the white light means the doser is under inspection; the green light shows the regular process functioning, while the red light indicates a warning to be detected. The presence of the blue light means that the operator is proceeding with the production change.    

Gramixo can be installed directly on the extruder thanks to the VIS (Vibration Immunity System), a special control algorithm that identifies and smooths out dosing peaks caused by system vibrations. The supplied 10’’ touch view control with icon-based interface allows an easy and intuitive dosing process management. This unit is equipped with multiple connectivity options thanks to four communication ports and offers an on-demand wireless version for integration with other production systems. Gramixo is Mowis ready.