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The EDI EPC™ extrusion coating from Nordson

The EDI EPC™ extrusion coating die improves productivity by increasing the ease and repeatability of width adjustment changes, simplifying the clean-out of carbonized polymer build-up in the die, and providing rapid removal of the entire deckle system for a ‘split and clean' or complete opening of the die for maintenance.


  • Adjustable internal deckle blade system allows operators to save material cost by minimizing, or in some cases eliminating, the amount of trim waste
  • Leading to increased extruder up-time, optimized lip lands provide uniform orientation, reduce die swell, and provide a significant response to manual or automatic lip adjustments
  • Longer production runs are made possible with an optional air cooling system that reduces or eliminates leakage from the end seals and deckle components
  • Standard operating procedures, such as replacing seals and adjusting the die gap, can be completed quickly and safely since numerous fasteners and heavy deckle components do not need to be removed
  • By rapidly removing the entire deckle system assembly, processors incur less downtime for route ‘split and clean’ procedures



  • Autoflex™ automatic or manual gauge control
  • Multi-manifold or single cavity coextrusion dies
  • Internal deckle systems available
  • Dual deckle (internal with external back-up) offers additional sealing protection
  • Easily adaptable to interface with new or existing equipment
  • Variety of finish and plating techniques available
  • Full System Solution: EDI Motorized Deckle Drive, EDI Ultraflow™ Coextrusion Feedblock, EDI Layer Multiplication Technology, EDI Deckle Maintenance Cart, and EDI Edge Encapsulation


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