Nordson: "Are you looking for a profitability boost?"

Be More Efficient 

Realize ideal shear rates and superior end-product quality owing to rheologically optimized flow channel and clearance design.

Be More Flexible 

The broader range of pump sizes makes it easier to find the perfect fit for your application needs. You can easily adapt to different process conditions. The measurement points for melt, temperature, and pressure are adaptable.

Be More Sustainable 

*Achieve energy savings by an approx. 10% increased heat exchange area that leads to a reduction of the required heating capacity.
An optimized heating distribution leads to increased material end quality.

Be More Productive 

Reduce your downtime based upon a less maintenance intensive pump design. Our modular system enables production to be resumed quickly in the event of maintenance.

Be More Process Stable 

In general, using a melt pump in your extrusion process will eliminate pressure fluctuations and ensure process stability as the pump relieves stress from the extruder.