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Next Generation Plastics Recycling Machines

For more than 25 years, Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR) has been one of the technological pioneers in the field of sustainable plastics recycling. The Upper Austrian company develops and builds customized recycling machines for the environmentally friendly processing of plastic waste and turns its customers' waste products into valuable raw materials again. Driven by the mission "working for a better future", NGR works on innovative solutions in the segments PIR (Post Industrial Recycling), PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) and PET Improvement and has developed a new generation of highly efficient recycling machines for this very better future.

"As the global demand for recycled plastic increases, so do the quality requirements for the material, emphasizes Günther Klammer, CTO of NGR. "The more cost-effective, high-quality and energy-saving the reprocessing achieves, the more plastic will actually be recycled," Klammer is certain.
"But this requires new solutions with further benefits for our customers and the environment, emphasizes CEO Gerhard Ohler.
These are delivered by the specialists in the form of a new generation of highly efficient recycling machines and set new standards for plastics recycling of the future, which visitors to K2022 can see for themselves.

Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH

Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR), based in Feldkirchen an der Donau, was founded in 1996 as a technology provider and machine builder for the plastics recycling industry and has become one of the leading suppliers of plastics recycling machines.
Early on, the company focused on internationalization and now supplies technology from Upper Austria to the entire world. With locations in the USA, China and Malaysia, NGR is always close to its customers.
After 25 years, the headquarters in Feldkirchen regionally employs 180 people, while in the entire group of companies, another 250 employees work on intelligent solutions for the plastics industry.
But the Feldkirchen-based company is by no means content to stop there, and is working tirelessly on new technologies to further drive the necessary turnaround in plastics value creation.


Next Generation Recycling Maschinen GmbH is part of the NEXT GENERATION GROUP.
Founded in 2014 in Feldkirchen an der Donau, the group combines know-how and technologies covering the entire product life cycle under one roof. The independently operating members offer innovative solutions from product design to recycling to close the loop and keep plastics in the loop. The central common goal of all participants is to join forces and support the plastics industry in its transition from a linear to a circular economy.

NGR at the K 2022

NGR's recycling technologies offer the most sustainable solution for every requirement. The specialists have a suitable recycling solution for a wide variety of source materials such as industrial waste, post-consumer waste or PET materials.

K 2022 offers space and room to experience innovative recycling solutions from all three areas up close.

Post Industrial Recycling (PIR)
Residual products left behind by the industrial production of plastic products are a high-quality and valuable raw material.

PET Recycling (PET)
P:REACT is the next dimension of PET recycling. It only takes a few minutes to take PET from industrial waste or post-consumer PET and turn it into food-safe rPET.

Post Consumer Recycling (PCR)
Nearly half of the plastic produced in the world gets thrown away after just one use. This waste could serve as a valuable resource if only we took advantage of it.

Next Generation in Post Industrial Recycling

The NXT:GRAN combines shredding, feeding and extruding in a single, highly efficient operation (ONE-STEP technology).

With this new generation of machines, the name says it all. The NXT:GRAN enables the plastics processing industry to achieve true zero-waste production. It guarantees full value retention of the material and, thanks to newly developed technology, reduces labor and energy requirements to an absolute minimum. With its mission to simplify the recycling of plastics more and more, the particularly maintenance-friendly NXT:GRAN also relies on so-called "one-step technology" which, in contrast to conventional recycling systems, allows plastic waste to be reprocessed in a single highly efficient step. Material shredding, extrusion and granulation can be handled by a single system, and upstream shredding processes and conveying equipment are eliminated, saving not only space but above all energy. This technology, patented under the name shredder-feeder-extruder combination, also reduces problematic dust formation and has revolutionized plastics recycling. In addition to the increased cutting capacity in the shredder, the NXT:GRAN provides additional power through an optimized material feed to the extruder, which is positively arranged to the extruder screw. This unique design achieves a significant increase in output across the entire material spectrum. The extra high-quality recyclate recovered can be fed directly into the manufacture of a wide variety of new end products, thus saving raw materials, reducing the CO2 footprint and optimizing manufacturing processes.

Live Demonstration

The NXT:GRAN sets new standards. The all-in-one solution for efficient recycling.
Every day at 11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., it's time for NXT:Generation in Post Industrial Recycling. Visitors can see the efficiency of the NXT:GRAN for themselves at booth C21.

Next Generation in PET Improvement- The Future of PET Recycling

The PET recycling machine P:REACT is revolutionizing PET reprocessing.

NGR has identified potential for improvement not only in post-industrial materials, but also in the field of PET Improvement and is tackling used PET bottles, films and fibers with new technologies.

With the Liquid State Polycondensation (LSP) process, a completely new possibility has been developed under the trade name P:REACT for reprocessing PET waste into food-grade material making use of an extremely efficient process.
While conventional PET reprocessing methods change the material properties in the solid phase, taking many hours, the decontamination of the material in the LSP process takes only a few minutes. In this innovative process from NGR, PET is reprocessed in the liquid phase, which guarantees simultaneous upgrading of the plastic and recycling to the highest standards of brand owners. With melt phase reprocessing, the company exceeds regulatory requirements towards food grade (upcycling) and has created a unique selling point in the global market. Impurities and hazardous substances stored in PET, such as benzenes, are almost completely removed, taking PET recycling to a new dimension. The material properties, which are chemically degraded during reprocessing, can be completely restored, and even improved, by the LSP process. As a result, the processor receives a recycled material stream of the same high quality as is generally expected from the original granulate (virgin material). Brand owner tests confirm that, if required, the material properties after the LSP process are even higher quality than those of the input material.

FDA/EFSA: Uncompromising cleaning

Food grade approvals by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration - USA) and the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) certify that the LSP process produces the most suitable recyclate for 100% food contact.

In addition to the high agility of the molecules in the liquid phase, the enormous surface area of the material strands contributes to effective cleaning. As a result, the quality of the recovered material far exceeds the limits set by EFSA and FDA.
Due to the extraordinary cleaning performance, the processed PET can easily be recycled multiple times and thus saves further valuable resources compared to virgin PET or energy than other packaging materials such as glass.

PETTRAS-H - a new hope

LSP technology is setting new standards in PET recycling. More than 50 satisfied customers in 21 countries have been convinced of this since 2011, when the first idea for P:REACT was born.
But the innovators never dared to dream that their technologies would also penetrate distant galaxies.
At K 2022, it's time for a premiere. A world cinema premiere.
PETTRAS-H - a new hope tells the story of a drone from the planet PETTRAS-H, which is littered all over with plastic waste. In search of a solution to the garbage problem on its home planet, the little drone embarks on a long journey to Earth. Arriving in Feldkirchen an der Donau, it finds salvation. The LSP technology.
In the specially set-up NGR cinema at the K trade show booth, film fans can experience PET recycling in a completely new dimension.

Next Generation in Post Consumer Recycling

Unlike nature, which recycles everything it produces and produces no waste, our economy is largely linear. According to the "take-make-consume-dispose" principle, raw materials are mined, products are manufactured, used and ultimately disposed of.
Almost half of the plastic produced worldwide is thrown away after only one use. What makes daily life easier, however, poses an increasing problem for the environment.

To counteract economic value losses, global raw material shortages and rising waste volumes, NGR continues to drive circular plastic value creation with unique post-consumer recycling solutions.
Through efficient material handling during the conversion process, minimized energy consumption and custom machine configurations, NGR makes sure that “one-way” plastics find their way back into the material cycle— giving the environment sustainable protection.

C:GRAN: The recycling professional for post-consumer challenges

Post Consumer Recycling in another dimension

Visitors to K 2022 will be able to experience C:GRAN, the recycling professional for post consumer challenges in a completely new form.
The interactive, detailed replica of an existing customer facility makes it possible to experience and understand the recycling process of heavily contaminated post-consumer material from start to finish.
The fact that, moist to highly moist and/or with foreign substances contaminated input materials can be reliably processed again to top granulate for highest demands, one simply must have seen.


Only then can you really understand the quality of NGR post-consumer solutions.

FORPET DAYS: NGR as an important technology partner for sustainable packaging: Presentation on October 24 at 3:00 p.m. at the NGR booth.

HUSKY: “Application of PET bottle flakes to direct preform production”- cooperation between Husky and NGR:
October 20 and 21 at the NGR booth.

AST: Cooperation between AST und NGR: Post Consumer Expert- best practice examples: On October 20 and 21 at the NGR booth.

Naku: NGR as technology partner for the 120% sustainable NaKu PLA bottle. Can something be more than 100% sustainable? The new NaKu bottle made of PLA/bioplastic achieves this feat: 100% plant-based raw materials/PLA plus 20% recycled PLA guarantee natural and absolutely plastic-free drinking pleasure.

Innovation needs space - plant expansion:

Photo © Kurt Hörbst: The new energy-efficient NGR plant in Feldkirchen/ Donau offers sufficient space for innovations and individual solutions to further advance the recycling economy.

In order to continue to increase plastics recycling rates worldwide under the slogan "Working for a better Future" and to be able to offer ever more efficient machines for its customers, more than 10 million EUR was invested in the expansion of the Feldkirchen site. Near the company's headquarters in the Feldkirchen industrial park, a new, energy-efficient operating facility was built [with,] offering over 10,000 m² of space for the next generation of recycling machines. "Just as with the machines produced by NGR, the use of renewable energies and maximum energy efficiency are also at the forefront of the site expansion," explains Erich Fürst, COO of the company. "For energy efficiency, we use both groundwater heat and the heat output of our machines to heat or cool the premises. As a result, we don't need a secondary energy source." Through intelligent planning and a sustainable energy supply concept, the company thus saves 288 tons of CO2 annually. The first building, which was constructed 15 years ago, is also being redesigned and equipped with sustainable technology. In the process, a completely new plastics laboratory was set up and extensively equipped with the measuring and analysis techniques needed to compare and evaluate the plastic qualities of the starting and end products.

Demonstration Center

In a demonstration center set up especially for this purpose, customers can fully evaluate the equipment and convince themselves of the quality of their newly obtained raw materials. "Challenge us!", Günther Klammer, declares. "In our test centers, we will prove to you the performance of NGR recycling machines using your own feedstock. You'll see - your own plastic waste is tomorrow's ideal raw material and our new generation of machines recycles more efficiently than ever before."

For more information, visit www.ngr-world.com

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