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Two new Bandera Recycling lines ready for the market

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In a market period where purchasing times are increasingly extended due to the difficulties in finding raw materials, Bandera offers two machines for compound extrusion, ready for delivery.

Single or cascade extrusion?

The two extrusion lines can be used individually or in tandem, in cascade mode.

Intended for the production of compounds (polypropylene with the addition of fillers), the Revotech® Twin can process waste from the processing of rigid films to obtain a more refined result than the initial one. The two machines are able to maintain the mechanical characteristics of the original granule, operating an up-cycling that improves its properties.

Thanks to an increased resistance, the machines are able to process abrasive material such as calcium carbonate contained in fillers, necessary for the production of compounds, without deteriorating.

The pluses of Bandera technology for compound production

The plant, able to produce new raw material from second raw material, is an opportunity for the market not only for its technological innovation, but also because, being already available to customers for testing and sale, this is a real competitive advantage.

The introduction in the market of these new plants comes after the last great successes in the recycling area of the company, which has supplied Holland with a futuristic line for the extrusion and recycling of the second raw material.

Test, prove and lead the market

The appointment is set, in Bandera laboratories, at THOE - The House of Extrusion® where the interested people will be able to personally see several plants of Bandera's recycling division, Revotech®.

The invitation, of course, is also valid for visitors to the K 2022 Show (19-26 October 2022): the fair is very well connected to Bandera's Italian headquarters, so the opportunity will be perfect to visit the company and discover its technology with the possibility to see several plants of Bandera's technological divisions, Recycling, Blown Film and Flat Die.

The visit is aimed to know, but above all to test and experiment, with your material, the safety and the performance of Bandera plants. Private appointments and one-to-one sessions conducted in the security and discretion of specific NDR (non-disclosure agreement) will allow interested parties to verify, well before the purchase, the operation and objective performance of the plant, which will be certified with the use of the designated material.

For further information please contact Andrea Carraro Product & Sales Manager of Recycling Division a.carraro(at)lbandera.com


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