New winding shaft PSW-FFV 76 Al profile

IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH

Dear customers and partners,

we introduce our new aluminium profile "PSW-FFV 76" - an innovative solution for higher web speeds and precise core centring.

Features of the PSW-FFV 76 aluminium profile:

Precise core centring: By over-turning the shaft just below the core diameter, optimum centring is achieved, resulting in higher precision and product quality.Adaptability for various applications: 

The PSW-FFV 76 aluminium profile can be configured with individual bearing journals, rulers, filling valves and clamping bars to meet your requirements.

Higher web speeds: The innovative design allows for higher web speeds while maintaining accuracy, resulting in more efficient production and increased overall performance.

We are convinced that the PSW-FFV 76 expansion shaft is a groundbreaking innovation for your production goals. Contact our team for details, technical information and customised enquiries.

Kind regards,