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We proudly present our latest winder models of the AWB series. Our unwinders are specifically designed for converting or finishing web-shaped materials such as paper, film or non-woven.

With unsurpassed adaptability and efficiency, our unwinders offer versatile solutions for our customers. They are available in different configuration levels and can be upgraded as required.

In the basic version, our AWB series winders are equipped with a robust welding frame, hinged bearings and a tension shaft. Optionally, the winders can be equipped with a brake or prepared for a drive to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

We offer a wide range of options for brake systems (including pneumatic, manually adjustable and magnetic powder brakes), expansion shafts (from light aluminium profiles to heavy-duty and shell expansion shafts) and hinged bearings (classic design, with replaceable wear part inserts and sliding hinged bearings).

Furthermore, our AWB models offer various additional expansion stages to meet the individual needs and requirements of our customers. These include web tension controls, web edge controls, deflection rollers, idle monitoring and much more.

"We are very proud of our AWB series winders. They are the result of years of development, based on the individual wishes of our customers, as well as our strong commitment to innovation and quality. Their modular design enables us to offer customised and efficient solutions that will continue to meet the specific requirements of our customers in the future," says Dennis Hermann, Managing Director.

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