Trust, sharing, rediscovering relationships that in recent years had to be cultivated through a video or a phone call. This mood characterized the K show. Days full of meetings that have shown great interest not only in the displayed solutions but especially in the desire to meet in person again and stay together. In addition, an enthusiastic innovative motivation, a growing demand for technology and great interest in energy-saving solutions without giving up performance marked the event.

"Let's be honest. On the fair eve, there were some doubts about the market response in terms of visits. The unpredictability and uncertainty related to the historical period we are living through and the aftermath of Covid pandemic did not allow us to make any predictions. However, I must admit that starting from the first day, any doubt was dispelled” – said Silvia Moretto, Marketing Manager of the company. 
For Moretto, leading company in the production of automated systems for the plastics processing industry, the K 2022 was a successful fair both in terms of visitors number and for the great amount of high quality requests received. Once again, it has been recognized the level of excellence and attention to detail that Moretto involves in every project, a renewed confidence in business. An event in which Moretto's “green soul” found expression in the development of innovative technologies that allow better production, in less time and with maximum control, according to energy efficiency criteria.

From 19 to 26 October, Düsseldorf was an international showcase that confirmed the interest of exhibitors and visitors in increasingly topical issues such as circular economy, digitalization and environmental protection, which are essential for the safeguard the planet and us. Important messages that also characterize Moretto's corporate culture and spirit.