The UAE’s massive drive to build one of the world’s most advanced infrastructures has fuelled demand for plastics products.

Arabplast Project Manager Rasheed Mbayed on the return of the Middle East’s  most prominent plastics, petrochemical, packaging & rubber Industry trade fair.

How does it feel to see the return of ArabPlast?

As the world went through mayhem due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international shows came to a standstill, which was really the only option. The exhibition world has witnessed its worst scenario during this period, and it is a blessing to revive prominent shows – slowly, yet steadily – and for exhibitors and visitors to travel with ease. 

We are proud to announce the 15th Edition of ArabPlast during 15-18 November 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The dates have been carefully chosen to ensure that countries have enough time to recoup and be ready.

How can visitors be assured that returning to such events is safe?

We are extremely proud to say that it is safe to visit the UAE. Countries across the world are battling to recover their lost economies, but the UAE has taken the lead in vaccinating over nine million of its residents, and the campaign continues. 

The UAE Government, along with the Minsitry of Health, Dubai Health Authority, and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, are taking all measures to ensure that visitors do not feel threatened by COVID-19. These measures are among the hightest standards in the world, and offer the reassurance of being safe. 

The UAE has showcased GITEX, Gulfood in Dubai, IDEX in Abu Dhabi and the Sharjah Book Fair already this year, with sizeable national and international participation. My personal visit to all these shows endorses the fact that the government, in conjuction with the other authorities, has presented itself successfully.

Can you confirm that this year’s ArabPlast will focus as much on circular economy as it will on business?

ArabPlast has concentrated on all the aspects of the industry, which includes sustainability and circular economy, although on a smaller scale in the past. While we do not look past the fact that plastic can be destructive, it is also evident that they cannot be eliminated from everyday use. Bearing the importance of plastics in mind, ArabPlast will give prominent importance to recycling and circular economy, since investors have channelled their focus in this sector. 

Plastics have made tremendous progress in automobiles, aviation and medical equipment since it is significantly lighter than any alternatives, making it easier to transport as well as having a lower carbon footprint. Also, the increased demand in the construction sector will increase the demand for recycling.

In what ways does the Middle East contribute to the world’s plastics industries?

Plastics are the second largest manufacturing sector in the region and annually generate over $108bn (~€90bn) worth of products. The region has developed as a significant producer of plastic materials and has seen the growth of important domestic plastics processing markets.

The Middle East, undoubtedly, is rich in petrochemical resources and raw materials that form the basis of the entire industry. The UAE’s massive drive to build one of the world’s most advanced infrastructures has fuelled demand for plastics products. With an added emphasis on the recycling sector, the MENA market is expected to grow rapidly.

What unique features can visitors expect at ArabPlast that they perhaps cannot at other such leading events?

ArabPlast is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get a footing in the vast MENA region. Visitors look for the right product and technology to give a boost to their business. Being the largest and only successfully established event in the region for petrochemicals, packaging, plastics and rubber, it draws the attention of a worldwide, distinctive audience.

Since it is a biannual event, exhibitors eagerly anticipate launching new products at Arabplast, knowing that the global reach is much more effective. 

The 15th edition will witness the presentation and demonstration of new products, innovations, trends, technologies and product upgrades that will raise the standards of the plastics and petrochemicals industries.

ArabPlast has always encouraged and supported its participants to bring originality and freshness, and has strived to ensure that trade visitors return fulfilled.