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Re S.p.A.: Top performance in very compact dimension, the new Pyramid optical sensor

When processing laminates it is essential to ensure the material remains in the correct position, even at high machine speeds. For this reason, the web guiding systems and sensors used to detect the position of the material, must guarantee increasingly short response times, which can only be achieved with latest generation components.

Pyramid, the new optical sensor from Re S.p.A., is capable of detecting printed lines, edges or patterns, even at minimal contrast levels and at very high speeds.

The sensor is the result of our engineering team’s continuing efforts to design increasingly compact, high performance measuring devices that are easy to calibrate and use.

Despite its small size, thanks to a dedicated algorithm, which significantly enhances its calculating capacity and response time, Pyramid is capable of detecting any type of contrast variation and with a high degree of reliability.

“The objective was clear right from the start: we wanted to produce an optical sensor that combined compactness, high performance and ease of use, while also taking into account issues currently affecting components availability. Our efforts were focused principally on developing the dedicated algorithm and a rapid set-up procedure” affirms Mr. Antonio Aprigliano, R&D Re S.p.A.

Fitting such a large calculation capacity into such a small space represented a significant challenge for the Re S.p.A. engineering team.

With regard to the set-up procedure, on the other hand, the Pyramid optical sensor is designed to be ready for use within a few seconds of being installed and calibrated. “We have designed the sensor to guarantee a good degree of tolerance in terms of the distance and inclination of the material. In fact, Pyramid delivers optimum results even if not positioned with absolute precision”. Adds Mr. Aprigliano.

The calibration procedure takes just a few seconds to complete and involves a maximum of three steps; in fact, the sensor is capable of selecting the color of the lighting automatically, so as to optimize the contrast condition between the background and the line, edge or pattern to be detected.

Pyramid also features an intuitive four-digit display and a led-bar, which may be used to indicate certain sensor parameters and the position of the detected pattern.

The Pyramid optical sensor has also been designed to guarantee continuity of supply over the coming months and years, which is especially important in the current climate where component availability issues represent a potentially serious issue for many companies.

“We set out to design a sensor using components that are available on the market and we currently hold all the material necessary to satisfy the demand for Pyramid sensors over the next few years in our warehouses. The test and trials conducted on the selected components have also enabled us to exceed the initial design specifications, guaranteeing extremely high performance levels, which just goes to show that every problem represents an opportunity.” Concludes Mr. Aprigliano.

After extensive field-testing, the Pyramid optical sensor was presented at the K 2022 Trade Fair in Düsseldorf and is now ready to impress operators of the converting industry.

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