Finely twisted in the service of relaxation

Kullen Koti GmbH

Coating technology and film production, extrusion lines or paper industry - the problem of electrostatic charging of surfaces is found in many production and processing operations today and can lead to considerable process disruptions and quality losses. Both can be avoided by using antistatic brushes from KULLEN-KOTI. In addition to the natural leader - the ostrich feather – KULLEN-KOTI offers two more innovative products: Antistatic brushes with stainless steel yarn or carbon fiber.

Stainless steel yarn or carbon fiber?

KULLEN-KOTI stainless steel brushes are made of finest chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel fibers twisted to a yarn. These antistatic brushes are particularly regarded as an economical solution for unloading large surfaces and are used, for example, in plastic packaging machines or in the processing of films and papers. The carbon fiber brushes of KULLEN-KOTI are often used for the gentle discharge of particularly sensitive surfaces, such as found on data carriers, old films or even thinly coated metals. The high carbon content of their fibers gives these antistatic brushes a very high conductivity.

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