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New die plate technology enables stable pelletizing of LCP by using an underwater pelletizing system for the first time worldwide

Broken strands? Endless start-ups? Frustrated employees? The pelletizing of LCP (liquid crystal polymers) has always been a big challenge.

ECON engineers faced this problem and proved their technological leadership once again! Guess the outcome? A breakthrough and milestone in the world of pelletizing. The groundbreaking further development of the patented Thermal Insulation Technology enables the pelletizing of LCP with an underwater pelletizing system for the first time in history.

The ECON technology ensures an easy and repeatable start-up process. “Long-term trials have shown that the Thermal Insulation Technology 2.0 is ready for 24/7 production,” mentions Dominik Neumann (Head of R&D). By using the new technology, a very low pressure of 25 bar is built up at the die plate, which allows operation without using a melt pump. Compared to conventional technologies, the uniform pellets, with an outstanding smooth surface, increase the quality significantly. In addition, a very small amount of fines is produced.

In addition to LCP, the Thermal Insulation Technology 2.0 enables the continuous pelletizing of other high-temperature plastics, such as PPS and PEEK. “ECON welcomes interested customers to test their very own high-temperature polymer at any time in our technical center to prove the results to themselves” emphasizes Gerhard Hemetsberger (CSO).

Example: LCP pellets – conventional technologies


Example: LCP pellets – ECON Technology


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