1. Inno-Meeting Europe

Innoform Coaching and Flexible Packaging Europe (fpe) are organising the first Inno-Meeting Europe in Berlin on 6/7 October 2022. This industry get-together for the flexpack and food industry will be offered annually as part of the Inno-Talk concept www.inno-talk.eu

This year, the focus will be on Flexpack & Climate Change. The conference language will be English. Speakers from Europe will discuss and present insights, products and innovations for the entire food packaging sector with a focus on flexible packaging. 

Participation will be offered for a fee on-site for up to 150 participants and exhibitors and additionally via livestream. Networking opportunities between on-site participants, exhibitors and livestream participants will be made possible by the innovative event platform of www.eveema.com. This has already proven itself 17 times for the monthly Inno-Talks. 

To the content:

There is a lot of discussion today about avoiding packaging - often very emotionally and sometimes ideologically. The first European Inno-Meeting will show the benefits and side effects of packaging on the climate. 

  • Where are the greatest potentials for improvement? 
  • Does packaging have any direct impact on the climate at all? 
  • Is the carbon footprint the only parameter for evaluating the climate impact of packaged food and goods? 
  • What role does the circular economy actually play along the supply chain? 
  • Is there enough differentiation between climate and environment in today's debate? 
  • Are paper and biopolymers the coming solutions as packaging material? 

Well-known experts share their insights to discuss the latest trends, solutions and fundamental issues with you in a network of European retail packaging experts, brand owners and suppliers. 

Along the supply chain, everyone involved with FMCG will find valuable input, even outside of the box. As with all Inno-Meetings, the focus is on flexible packaging. 

You can find more information and registration options under http://ie.innoform.de