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Via Giuseppe Parini 24, 21020 Montonate VA, Italien


Being synonymous of technology, safety and reliability all over the World

Technology and innovation have always been a part of Cason’s DNA since 1956 when the company was founded by an industrious and enterprising man, Angelo Cason, a mechanical expression of his innovative and courage spirit that for more than half century continues to be the soul of the company. Year after year, the name of company has become synonymous of technology geared on innovation, safety and reliability all over the world. More than 2000 installations WorldWide managed Cason SpA to be specialized company in design, manufacturing and marketing machines and plants for different sectors:

Produkte & Leistungen

Slitter machines


Via Giuseppe Parini 24
21020 Montonate VA

Telefon +39 0331 909033
E-Mail info(at)cason-spa.com

Pressemitteilungen & News

Doppelwelle VS Doppelrevolver Slitter Rewinder
Welcher Weg ist der produktivste? Cason hat versucht, diese Frage zu beantworten...
Dual Shaft VS Double turret Slitter Rewinder
Which way is the most productive? Cason has tried to answer this question. David...
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