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Pouch making machines

Pouch making machines

With the new multifunctional high-speed machine from Lechita, 3 seal pouch bags and shrink bags can be produced at a speed up to 400 bags / minute.


Especially when manufacturing products for the food industry, the use of components with FDA approval is unavoidable. DRECKSHAGE offers the solution...

Mink web spreader rollers ensure crease-free smoothing all the way to the edge of the web without leaving marks. The rollers do not require a separate...

Shrink Bag Machine 1050

  • Tube thickness range 70 to 250µ
  • Working width max. 1050mm
  • Length of bag 100 - 1300mm
  • sealing unit round of radius 485mm
  • ...

No fooling, it's here! The NEW Orion S-Carriage

  • Consistent 260% pre-stretch
  • 5% - 15% film savings
  • Over 180 degrees of film to roller contact
  • Ope...

Reliability and speed of response is it that characterizes this series of web guiding systems

An overview of Double E's Auto-Lock™ Safety Chuck, the World's Safest Safety Chuck™ featuring a unique Fail-Safe Closing™ mechanism. Increase safety...

Production of shrink bags out of film tubes with various bottom seams / Herstellung von Schrumpfbeuteln aus Schlauchfolie mit verschiedenen...

Our portable roll handlers make handling and moving rolls and reels of material around your facility safe and easy.


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