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TEOC AddOn for knife holders

TEOC (The end of coincidences) is the DIENES Data program that collects and analyzes machine data. TEOC is an analysis platform for digitally optimizing slitting processes. You are able to make predictive forecasts, reduce machine downtimes and increase productivity. Coincidence comes to an end. TEOC offers customers tailor-made analyses to increase knife running performance. Limit values/average values are displayed, notifications sent, associations aggregated and forecasts made.

TEOC AddOn for knife holders

Until now, TEOC was installed in new slitting machines.

With the new AddOn, it is now possible to equip existing DIENES knife holders with TEOC.

In 2021, the innovative TEOC AddOn has made the knife holders talk.

The collected machine, environmental and service data are processed with TEOC and can thus be evaluated if required. The findings based on this are used primarily in process optimization at the customer's site, for service interventions and in development.

The revolutionary feature enables predictive forecasts to be made, machine downtime to be reduced and productivity to be increased.

To increase knife run times, TEOC displays limits / averages, sets notifications, aggregates relationships and makes predictions.

Continuous data recording of the knife holders and automated condition monitoring to detect the actual condition of the knives allow conclusions and indicators of wear and other properties to be detected and used accordingly to improve the cutting process.

In the future, there will also be the possibility of remote diagnosis through remote maintenance. The use of the platform is independent of the location of slitting machines.

In detail, the customer achieves lower production costs, higher product quality and increased slitting know-how with TEOC. TEOC offers support throughout entire operation; helps  machine operators to operate the machine and production planners to utilize the capacity of the plant, offers predictive maintenance and facilitates procurement for buyers.

TEOC increases customer's competitiveness.

Mit TEOC wird die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit des Kunden gesteigert.

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