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Smooth-running idler rollers from DRECKSHAGE

With our product EconomicRoll® we supply our customers with precise smooth idler rollers on a daily basis. Due to the design and geometry, we achieve excellent starting torques with the EconomicRoll®. In addition, compared to idler rollers made from precision tubes, better as well as smaller mass moments of inertia result. The reason for this is the intelligent weight distribution of the mass from the outside to the inside, which is not the case with normal aluminum rolls due to their weight in the outer diameter. This weight distribution also enables us to achieve better braking torques. For example, a 50 kg idler roller made of our EconomicRoll® effectively requires less mass to be braked than an idler roller made of an aluminum tube, which has the complete 50 kg in the outer diameter.

In case the smooth running in an application has to be even more precise or defined, DRECKSHAGE offers proven special solutions.

By using a special bearing, a smooth running lubrication and the fine balancing of the roll body, we can produce smooth running rolls with a defined starting weight. Since bearings without seals have to be used for these requirements, we have designed a gap seal on both sides, which provides contactless protection between the inner and outer ring of the bearing. By using the cage, we ensure the retention of our special smooth running grease and prevent dirt from entering the ball bearing.

A practical example:
In an embossing machine, a decorative foil with a layer thickness of a few μm is embossed and coated in successive steps. The web then passes through a dryer and is then winded.

Due to many work steps, deflections, different speeds and web tension, there is a great risk that very thin media will tear or be stretched when "sluggish" rollers are used. The remedy here is provided by defined smooth running rolls from DRECKSHAGE. Due to their very low starting weight of, for example, only 15 g as well as the low mass moment of inertia, the installed rolls can react quickly to any stresses and guarantee smooth production.

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