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Problem solved: New roller covering for extrusion lamination

Nonsticky, thermally conductive and elastic - these are the key features of the new roller covering which the roller and compound specialists at Westland have added to their product portfolio. Read all you need to know about the new product and why it can even reduce CO2 emissions here.

The new material belongs to the product family WEROSIL-TTC, and is characterized by the following properties: High non-stick property, High thermal conductivity and optimized physical properties, such as elasticity or compression set.

Solution to a known problem

The production manager of EK-Pack Folien GmbH, Rupert Sailer, puts the improvement in a nutshell: "The adhesion or cleaning of the melt residues on the nip roller is without residue and thus increases the service life of the roller". The optimized physical properties also reduce edge run-ins on the roller surface. "Fewer roller changes, more productivity," adds Sailer.

Lower energy costs and less CO2 emissions

A special feature of the new roller covering is its high thermal conductivity, which is approximately 3 times higher than that of a conventional rubber roller covering. This improves heat flow through the roller covering and enables heating and cooling phases to be shortened. The increased dissipation of thermal energy from the laminate can also improve the adhesion of the substrates.

Worldwide Service for Industrial Rollers

The Westland Group, with its Headquarter in Melle, Germany, is an owner-managed family business with around 700 employees in Europe, Asia and the USA. It is a leading international supplier of technically sophisticated elastomer components and, in addition to roller and sleeve rubber coverings, also manufactures elastomer molded parts for mechanical engineering, the household appliance and fittings industries, and for gas control technology. 13 production sites in 10 countries provide on-site service.

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