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New installation of a full automatic handling plant and two double turret slitter rewinders in Ireland and UK

Increase the productivity, adapt the solutions to customer’s needs, optimize products traceability and order management. Vision and case study of Cason’s winning points in Ireland

After 65 years of activity, 2000 global installations and more than 25 available models, Cason became one of the market-leader in the manufacturing of slitter rewinders and handling automation for converting.

The Installation

Following the recent installations of 3 high speed double turret slitters in UK during the first pandemic year, Cason have successfully installed other two high productivity double turret slitters in Ireland together with a full automatic handling system at the Boran Packaging plant in Naas (Ireland) and Boran Mopack in Strabane (Northern Ireland).

Innova Matic - Slitter Rewinder

Boran’s first aim was to increase productivity of the slitting department including a high speed slitter with automatic change over. Cason’s INNOVA MATIC was perfect choice, thanks to 800m/min speed, motorized unloading station and rapid reel and size change over times low down times of preparation. The main goal was early achieved in first step of installations as Pat English, operations manager of Boran explained:

“Following on from a smooth installation the productivity of the plant improved immediately, resulting in increased output over a shorter period”

An additional “special” requirement of Boran was to integrate the existing perforator into the new slitter rewinder. Cason thank to deep experience in in customized solution, designed the new slitter to integrate the perforator in between the unwinder and rewinder, perfectly accommodate the unit in comfortable place for operator.

Handling Automation

Last and most captivating request was to install a full automatic handling plant in their slitter dept, integrating the new slitter INNOVA MATIC and an already existing slitter, adapting the automatic plant with production area, improving productivity, quality and traceability of the products.

Mr English added:

The integration between the slitters and the handling plant given us a greater capacity to campaign and organise production, generating further efficiencies throughout the process”.

The plant was designed with automated systems which does not involve physical effort for the operator and reduce the downtimes. The rolls downloaded from the slitter automatically are transported to the bar code reader and automatic bagging unit. The ABB anthropomorphic robot, equipped with a special gripper designed by Cason, is used for palletize the finished reels up to a maximum weight of 100 kg. The palletization area can manage up to 3 pallets position able to separate the rolls by size or slitters thanks program selection and bar codes traceability. Due to the optimization of palletization guaranteed by the robot, the benefits allow a drastic increase in quality of the finished products as Mr English explained:

“A standard product is released to the market on a continuous basis reducing the variance on pallets and faciliting cost savings on deliveries, knowing that finished products are packed to a set standard at all times ensuring quality standards are repeated continuously.”

The plant is fully managed by a Cason’s plant management software connected with the Boran’s CMR allow product’s traceability and accurate order management that together with online service support is the essence of the real benefit of Industry 4.0 made in Cason.

Mairtìn Boran, CEO of Boran’s packaging concluded:

Following the positive experience we had with Cason Team when installing and testing both the Material Handling Unit and the Innova Matic in our Naas factory we ordered an additional Innova Biback for the Strabane factory to complement the existing Innova Matic which was installed early January 2021. We have completed a successful online F.A.T. last week and look forward to this machine’s being installed in July.”

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