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NEW IBD High-Speed Winding Shaft Profile

Max. Line Speed through Perfect Centering!

Dear Customers and Partners,

We are introducing our new aluminum profile, "PSW-FFV 76" - an innovative solution for higher line speeds and precise centering of the winding sleeve.

Features of the new high-speed profile:

1.    Precise Sleeve Centering: The aluminum profile can be perfectly tailored to the sleeve diameter, ensuring minimal play and optimal precision for maximum winding quality.
2.    High Flexibility: Like all our shafts, the new 3" high-speed aluminum profile can be equipped with custom bearing journals, measuring rulers, different filling valves and clamping bars, and many other add-ons to meet your specific requirements.
3.    Higher Line Speed: The innovative design allows for cost-effective achievement of even higher line speeds, maximizing your production capacity.

We are confident that our new IBD High-Speed Aluminum Profile, "PSW-FFV 76," is a groundbreaking innovation for your production goals.

Please contact our team for details, technical information, and customized inquiries.

Lars Hartwig
Technische Beratung & Vertrieb
Fon +49 5734 9602 – 52


Oliver Funk
Technische Beratung & Vertrieb
Fon +49 5734 9602 – 25


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