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MTG Tecnowinding: No tangled affairs. Only neatly and precisely wound ones.

As a foil producer, you have to be able to rely fully on the winder at the end of the line. After all, the quality of the reel does not only depend on the foil itself, but also on its precise winding—which has a bearing on the further processing. With the winders from MTG you can make sure that your foil “rolls” on to the next step in the same quality in which it is extruded. Manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic winders, cantilever or turret winders—MTG winders assure you the best handling for your particular situation and highest precision throughout the process.

You would like to take a look? Sure thing! At the touch of a button you are virtually on site and can observe an automatic PET turret winder (here installed in a Bandera line) running:

We look forward to discussing your need. Contact us and we will arrange a personal or virtual meeting in order to find the best solution for you. See you soon!

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