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Mink web spreader rollers - perfect spreading and safe discharge of electrostatic charges combined in one roller!

Creasing and static charging of the material webs are a daily problem in film production and regularly lead to quality rejects or unwanted faults. A further important aspect of static charging is occupational safety. Uncontrolled discharge from built-up charges can inevitably lead to accidents at the workplace. Mink spreader rollers help you to safely dissipate these charges as well as reliably smooth the webs.


By optimising our brush elements, we have been able to further reduce the contact resistance of our conductive rollers. This factor is decisive for the effectiveness of the electrostatic discharge.

Due to the fact that discharges always take place via a tip, bristle bundles are the ideal solution for this purpose. After several field tests at end customers, we have been able to measure a strong discharge performance of our web spreader roller.

Your advantages:

  • Two advantages in one Mink spreader roller
  • Safe and reliable discharge of electrostatic charges
  • Outstanding smoothing of webs right up to the edge of the web
  • Significant increase in machine performance
  • Mink spreader rollers can be easily and quickly integrated into any system
  • Low-wear and can be used without a drive


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