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KUHNE'S Smart Sheet Lines

KUHNE'S Smart Sheet Lines incorporate flexible, modular line components. We are always focused on high efficiency, low energy consumption and flexibility. Our engineers will customize the line to your specific requirements. Trials in our lab are possible at any time. We integrate components from different suppliers for feeding and dosing, screen changers, and melt pumps. A thickness over 0.25 mm is considered sheet and can be produced in either mono or multi-layer formats. This product may be used for signage, refrigerator liners and truck bed liners. Mono- or multi-layer by means of coextrusion, smooth or embossed. Width range from 600 mm up to 4.000 mm. Thickness range from 0.3 mm up to 60 mm; depending on application and raw material. Complete your line with thickness measurement, corona treatment, post cooling calibration, different cross cutting devices such as guillotine, saw or mill. Treat sensible surfaces with a cleaning system, protect the surface with film lamination; one or both sides. Use gantry robot and stacker device.


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