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KRAIBURG Walzenfertigung GmbH - A member of the KRAIBURG-Group


As a specialist in rubber compounding and roller covering, KRAIBURG Walzenfertigung offers a number of special advantages in a unique combination:

• The combination of the experience of the leading manufacturer of rubber roller compounds and the precision of a performance and quality-oriented roller production.

• The competence to develop roller cover solutions for meeting your very special requirements

• In addition, a surface program that ranges from normal grinding to polishing and superfinishing, from convex shape to grooving, according on the desired design

• Last but not least, you as our customer benefit from our complete range (roller cores and roller covers) to achieve a significant reduce of your workload.

Are you looking for very special rollers coatings?

Do you need roller solutions tailored to your application?

We bring in all of our expertise about roll coverings and rubber materials to offer the right and best technological and commercial solution for your application to you.

In many industries the properties of the rubber roller has tremendous influence on the quality of the final product. With the roller that is tailored to your specific application conditions that you move ahead in your business.

We go along with you as a reliable partner.


Well-rounded in all:

Roll cores and coatings from out of one-stop production.

The cores (e.g. made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, GRP, CFRP) are made according to customer’s specifications or our own design proposals. Our roll coverings on many years of experience and with high-quality rubber mixtures from our own production.

Rubber coating of rollers and rolls

Proven formulations ensure the desired properties, but also new solutions can be tailored especially to customer requirements. Whether pre-grinded or polished, whether cylindrical or cambered, whether smooth or grooved, the surface program of the roll covers is as varied as the requirements of our customers.

Rubberized sleeves

Whether cylindrical, conical, conductive or insulating, we offer GRP sleeves for flexo and gravure printing, as well as for a variety of other applications. We have a large inventory with all common dimensions. We also provide recovering on used sleeves.

Rubber hoses and rings

We manufacture rubber hoses and rings in almost all dimensions according to customer requirements. This also includes special coil mandrel covers for the steel industry or feeding rings for the ski industry.

Polyurethane (PU) coatings

PU-coated rollers and rollers are characterized by extreme abrasion and cut resistance. In addition, a high tear resistance, excellent elasticity and a very good chemical resistance against many contact media are the outstanding properties.

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