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High speed circular ionisers IRJ-120 and IRJ-170 from Elettromeccanica Bonato

Electrostatic charges are the cause of many troubles, as the attraction of dust and of other foreign materials and can also become dangerous as they trigger harmful discharges.

The Company provides customized solutions for the most varied needs and applications. This allows the customer to increase the productivity and safety of their workers.

There are many industrial processes that require antistatic equipment, including: packaging and transport lines, textile finishing processes, rotogravure and rotoflex printing machines, labeling machines, coating and laminating machines, cutting and rewinding machines, plastic injection systems and blow molding, corona and plasma treatment, woodworking, painting plants.

August 2021: presentation of our IRJ-120 and IRJ-170 high speed circular ionisers, for cleaning industrial products from dust and other process contamination residuals which are attracted by static electricity.

Useful on:  machined parts, plastic injection moulded parts, electrical boards and panels, printed circuits, assemblies

Purpose: cleaning through static neutralization

Advantages: low consumption, easy installation, easy maintenance

Provided with a mounting kit for its use in series

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