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High-efficiency polymer specialities for innovative packaging solutions

Distributor Ultrapolymers has expanded its portfolio to include high-efficiency polymer specialties from SK geo centric (SKGC) that enable new and improved packaging applications in the rigid and flexible segments. New additions include Primacor™ ethylene acrylic acid copolymers (EAA), Primacor™ IO (Zn- & Na-based ionomers) and Supreme™ polyolefinic plastomers (POP).

Primacor™ EAA from SKGC, as compatibilisers, enable efficient compatibilisation of different polar plastics in compounds. The low-odour, moisture-insensitive polymers also combine very good heat-sealing properties with high toughness, puncture, tear and stress crack resistance. Depending on the type, they offer high transparency as well as very good organoleptic properties and insensitivity to moisture. Also depending on the type, they adhere very well to metal, glass, paper, cardboard, ionomers, PE and PA. This makes them suitable, for example, as adhesion promoters in multilayer films and as formulation components in hot melt adhesives and dispersions. Other applications include sealing layers for flexible packaging such as tubes, bags or pouches for solid and liquid contents, especially food. With acrylic acid comonomer contents of approx. 6 % up to 21 %, they cover a very wide melt index range from 1.5 to 1,400 g/10min.

Primacor™ IO ionomers combine a wide sealing window, excellent heat-sealing properties and high hot-tack with high stiffness and toughness and very high transparency for use as sealing or outer layers of packaging films. Key applications include medical packaging, dry food packaging and flexible film packaging.

Supreme™ POP from SKGC are C8-based metallocene LLDPE with densities from 0.868 to 0.910 g/cm³ and narrow molecular weight distribution. An important prerequisite for high packaging speeds, they provide very good heat seal and hot melt adhesion even at low seal initiation temperature (SIT). They also combine high transparency with high mechanical strengths with reduced material usage in typical applications such as meat, cheese and frozen food packaging, liquid and powder pouches and stand-up pouches. The very high adhesion strength makes Supreme™ POP an ideal choice for stretch bonnets, stretch film and silo bags. Other typical applications include adhesive and sealing layers in blown and extrusion films for liquid, aseptic and solid food packaging that meet high mechanical and optical property requirements, as well as extrusion coating and extrusion laminating of metallised films, papers and substrates.

Ultrapolymers offers a wide range of standard and speciality polymers. Partnering with industry-leading manufacturers enables it to offer a diverse product portfolio that provides customers with the best solutions for their projects and applications.

Ultrapolymers was founded in Belgium in October 2002 and, as part of Ravago, has quickly become a respected leader in plastics distribution. For more information, please visit https://www.ultrapolymers.com

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