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ELBA SA-V pouch making machine

ELBA S.p.A. has been producing automatic high-speed pouch and bag making machines since 1956 and boasts more than 2.500 active installations worldwide that cover several markets (food, pet food, groceries, dairy, chemical, diapers, agricultural, courier and much more), including medical and pharmaceutical ones.

ELBA offers its customers tailor-made solutions, from the design to the production of the machines and, moreover, commissioning, training and after-sales support.

ELBA machines have been designed to be flexible, technologically advanced and easy to use. The modular design allows the machines to be customized and their configuration can be upgraded at any time, to face new unpredictable market demands.

Flexible packaging is increasingly required and is gradually replacing rigid packaging, thanks to its lower expense and lower environmental impact.

As a matter of fact, environmental awareness represents an important issue nowadays and ELBA wants to give its contribution by offering a high performing product that is, moreover, sustainable: ELBA SA-V machine can produce a wide range of pre-made pouches (side seal pouches, stand-up/Doypack®, side gusset pouches, center seal pouches) and, thanks to its technology, it is possible to produce recyclable PE stand-up pouches, with materials that allow laminating and printing up to 9 colors.

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