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EcoStretchRoll with FDA approval

Especially when manufacturing products for the food industry, the use of components with FDA approval is unavoidable. DRECKSHAGE offers the solution for the use of spreading rollers in FDA applications. The proven EcoStretchRoll-ST spreader roll with FDA approval is used for this purpose.

DRECKSHAGE already successfully supplies customers from the film, nonwoven, textile and paper processing industries with the proven spreading technology made of TPE or silicone.
Another advantage of the EcoStretchRoll-ST is the shape of the #individual spreading elements, which realise an effective spreading very gently and without marking due to their rounded surfaces.

Due to their own weight of only 0.5 grams, the individual spreading elements of the EcoStretchRoll react very well to a wide range of web tension and can even spread films and nonwovens < 5 μm without damaging the surface of the medium.


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