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Dual Shaft VS Double turret Slitter Rewinder

Dual shaft or double turret? Two different ways to do the same operations: slitting and rewinding.

Which way is the most productive? Cason has tried to answer this question. Davide Da Zanche, Cason Sales Manager, helped by two technicians, has led a live demonstration in Cason’s site.


Material: 50 micron
Diameter of finished reel: up to 250 mm
Speed: 400 m/min

Number of Reels on rewinding area: 6 (3/3)

Cycles of production: 4

To make the challenge more realistic, Cason has chosen two slitters, with similar equipment:  same unwinder, tension control, laser beamer, except, of course, the rewinding area. (both slitters can be fully customized accordingly with customers needs)


Innova Biback FL is a slitter rewinder designed by Cason with 2 shaft on rewinding area and manual loading. The slitter is equipped with a separate footboard between the unwinder and the rewinder that make easier the work for the operator.

INNOVA MATIC – Double Turret

Innova Matic is a double turret slitter rewinder equipped with 4 shafts on rewinding area and two rewinding turrets. As regards the unloading, the machine has an automatic unloading station and automatic reels exchange.

Which slitter is the winner? Which is the most productive?

Watch the live demonstration!

Contact sales(at)cason-spa.com and get the link to discover it.

Find out more about Cason’s slitters: https://www.casoncompanies.com/cason-slitters/

Visit Cason website in german: https://www.casoncompanies.com/cason-slitters/?lang=de


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