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Dreckshage - Spreader Roller EcoStretchRoll with new features

Our highly efficient EcoStretchRoll spreader roller is now also available with an outer diameter of 60 mm and has a new ring geometry.

Due to the new ring geometry, the spreading rings can be mounted and changed quickly and easily with a groove-, spring system. The rings now no longer need to be glued and have an anti-rotation feature.

The EcoStretchRoll ...

... even spreads media with layer thicknesses < 5 μm,
... has no non-functional center area,
... is gentle and mark-free with very effective spreading,
... requires no external drive, it is driven by the web,
... can be used universally, for example as an alternative to a idler roller,
... can be used for multiple-cuttings,
... is even available with FDA approval.


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