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DRECKSHAGE is a manufacturer of precise aluminium and spreader rollers according to customer specifications. Thanks to an extensive machine park with a large vertical range of manufacture, DRECKSHAGE always offers the perfect solution.

In addition to technical rollers according to customer specifications, we also offer application-specific coatings for a wide range of applications. This is realised through close contact with our partners in the field of roller coatings.

In a recent case, our customer had continuous problems with electrostatic charging, adhesive deposits on the Surface and handling marks on the roller surface when laminating his medium for a filtration application. The latter was caused by cleaning the roller, which was exposed to the spray adhesive of the lamination.

After reviewing the problem and discussing the perfect solution for this application, we were able to supply our customer with a ready-to-install idler roller with a suitable non-stick coating. This coating convinces with its electrical conductivity as well as a wear-resistant undercoating. From now on, there are no more problems with adhesive deposits, scratches or sparks on the deflection roller.

Of course, the roller core was also designed according to the application. In order to guarantee full functionality here as well, all components have been adjusted for electrical conductivity.

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