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Dreckshage: EcoStretchRoll spreader roller with new features

Our highly efficient EcoStretchRoll spreader roller is now also available with an outer diameter of 60 mm and a new ring geometry.

Due to the new ring geometry, the spreading rings can be mounted and changed quickly and easily with a groove-spring system. The rings are now not longer need to be glued and have an anti-twist feature.

The EcoStretchRoll ...

... even spreads media with layer thicknesses < 5 μm
... has no non-functional middle section
... works gently and without marking, with very effective spreading
... does not require an external drive, but is driven by the fabric web
... can be used universally, e.g. as an alternative to a deflection roller
... can be used for multiple-cuttings
... is even available with FDA approval

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