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Dienes expands its range of online slitting seminars

For more than two years, Dienes has been offering its customers successfully a very special service in the form of the so-called Basic- and Deep Dive slitting seminars. In the Basic seminar "Allrounder", participants learn about the cutting methods shear cut, crush cut and razor cut in general, as well as the correct regrinding. Among other things, the following questions are clarified:

What are the differences between the cutting methods and how do they differ in terms of fields of application?

When do you use the shear cut or the crush cut and when is the razor blade cutting the best choice?

What are the options for adjustment to achieve the perfect cut?

Why is regrinding so important and to what should be paid attention in this context?

Additionally, product-specific questions from the participants can be addressed in the interactive seminar format. Since each cutting material presents very different challenges, the Dienes slitting seminars are an opportunity to benefit from the extensive experience of the Dienes cutting experts. Users of industrial slitting tools often face specific problems; the range begins with poor cutting edge quality, such as unclean cutting edges, limited tool life and cutting dust accumulation. This is where the Deep Dive seminar comes into play, in which the Dienes experts put together an individual package for the customer´s specific needs. On request, the Deep Dive seminars can also be held at the customer´s site.

In addition to the established range of seminars, Dienes now offers an additional, new format - the Online Cost Saving seminar.

The Cost Saving seminar was developed together with customers and is a supplement to the existing Basic and Deep Dive seminars. The Dienes Cost Saving seminar teaches the basics of Lean Management in the context of industrial slitting. Theoretical content is combined with practical examples and increases the participants’ awareness to potential savings in the field of slitting. Cost Saving online seminars have a target group of plant operators and maintenance personnel in manufacturing and processing companies.

Current dates and further information on the Dienes slitting seminars can be found on the Dienes website at www.dienes.de.

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