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COLINES Polyblown Open House: enjoy the highlights of the event

We were positively impressed by the number of customers that attended our COLINES® Open House 2021, the event we held in our Marano Ticino factory to unveil our brand new Polyblown® 2600mm 7-layer multipurpose blown film line. Over 60 customers took part to the event in person, while about 100 1-on-1 on-line meetings were arranged for those who could not attend, due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions.

We tried to single-out the highlights of the three-days event in a short video-clip. Enjoy our Polyblown® Open House HERE or just click “play” on the video below.

It has been a fantastic 3-day event – said COLINES®’ CEO Anthony Michael Caprioli –. We are very thankful to the over 60 visitors who took their precious time to come and join us, as well as the other customers who got in touch virtually. Our Polyblown® event has proved to be a great success, that we are all and I am personally very proud of”.

We are very happy about the success of the event – said COLINES®’ Marketing and Communication Director and Sales Area Manager, Gabriele Peccetti –. We were able to show the extreme versatility and flexibility of our Polyblown® lines by making three different products over the three days which were much appreciated by our customers. I would like to thank all those people who contributed to the success of our event, including our staff, partners and guests and let me add: Polyblown® is on the forefront of flexibility”.

Anthony Michael Caprioli

CEO & Commercial Director

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