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August Dreckshage GmbH & Co. KG: Wrinkle-free even with low web tensions

August Dreckshage GmbH & Co. KG, Bielefeld, has launched the EcoStretchRoll, a new, highly efficient spreader roll. In Extrusion-World, the roll manufacturer highlights the numerous advantages of the innovation. 

When producing web-shaped materials made of film, nonwovens, paper or textiles, manufacturers regularly have to contend with wrinkles in the material. To prevent wrinkles, spreader rolls are used. Their task is to achieve wrinkle-free production and thus minimize waste. Since previous systems could not convince all along the line, DRECKSHAGE has taken on this problem and developed a new, highly efficient solution - the EcoStretchRoll. 

Controlled and effective spreading 

The EcoStretchRoll is based on a lightweight aluminum roller equipped with special rubber spreading rings. The latter realize a controlled, effective spreading of the web from the center of the roll to the outside. Users can thus produce crease-free - without rejects, marks on the surface or downtimes for adjusting the system. The EcoStretchRoll is used wherever wrinkles could occur. It is installed like an idler roller, without a predefined direction of rotation, without adjustment of the roll, and independent of the wrap angle. All these advantages already work from a layer thickness of < 5 μm. Particularly noteworthy is the use in extrusion, laminating and coating lines. Many customers now use the EcoStretchRoll in various assemblies. 

Wrinkle-free web guiding during coating - a practical example 

When coating a nonwoven, our customer was not able to run wrinkle-free into the coating line, as previously used spreader rolls were not effective at a web tension of 5-10 N/mtr. Since the EcoStretchRoll delivers very good results even at the lowest wrap angles and web tension, this assembly can now be produced without rejects due to wrinkles. Parameters of the application: Nonwoven with 4-40 μm layer thickness, speed 5 m/min, wrap angle 30-90° (various positions), web tension = 5-10 N/mtr. 

The advantages of the EcoStretchRoll at a glance: 

  • spreads even media with layer thicknesses <5 μm 
  • gentle, mark-free and effective spreading 
  • almost wear-free 
  • ozone resistant 
  • can be used for multiple cuttings 
  • vibration resistant 
  • does not require own drive or adjustment of the roller 
  • available FDA compliant 
  • no non-functional center section 


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