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Antistatic bars in converting applications

Companies that process neutral materials (paper, plastic, fabrics) must coexist with the problems caused by the presence of electrostatic charges, which accumulate during processing at high speeds, when, due to friction, they polarize positively or in negative.

All this inevitably leads to the compromise of product quality, the operator's risk of receiving shocks, machine downtime, possible explosions and fires.

These phenomena can be successfully avoided thanks to the installation of antistatic or ionizing bars.

In the machines that cut the rolls, as in figure 1, the bars must be installed before and after the cutting operations, thus avoiding that the film attracts impurities. Once ionized, therefore made neutral, the processed material remains clean, free of dust, and the film roll processing can go on without damage to things or people.

Given the high speed and the number of rollers, the rewinding process, subsequent to cutting, can in turn be hindered by the renewed presence of electrostatic charges, possible due to the friction between the material and the conveyor roller.

Therefore, even in this phase it is necessary to install antistatic bars, to continue to keep the material neutral, previously discharged during the cutting process.


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