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RB 4 : the dual-shaft slitter rewinder for quick cycle times

LAEM IMS is a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES, a company specialized in the manufacturing of various machinery for the flexible packaging industry and converters. Specifically, LAEM IMS focuses on producing twin-shaft and high productivity turret machines, compact slitter rewinders, and automation machinery.

Introducing the RB 4, a cutting-edge dual-shaft turret slitter rewinder that revolutionizes film and flexible packaging manufacturing and conversion processes, particularly for producing multiple finished reels with small diameters. This center-driven slitter rewinder is designed to optimize cycle times, reducing downtime significantly and enhancing overall productivity.

The RB 4 is equipped with an innovative feature that allows seamlessly transition between shafts, minimizing idle time. During the rewinding process on one set of shafts, the operator can efficiently place new cores on the idle shafts with the assistance of a precision laser pointer, ensuring precise alignment.

Furthermore, the machine incorporates an automatic turret cycle system. When the desired roll diameter or length is reached, the machine stops the process and initiates the automatic change sequence. During this phase, the operator can safely and swiftly unload the finished rolls from the stand-by shaft while the machine resumes production.

An independent unwinder unit, connected to the main machine body through the overhead web path bridge, further enhances the RB 4's capabilities. This unwinder can be equipped with additional devices, such as a splicing table, flag detector (for efficient waste management during roll changes), and a register mark counter (to accurately count printing repeats), providing added value to the production process and ensuring a high-quality finished product.

With its cutting-edge design and integration of advanced features, the RB 4 is the ideal solution for film and flexible packaging manufacturers and converters seeking faster cycle times and improved operational efficiency in slitting and rewinding processes.

If you want to discover more, visit our website https://laem-ims.com/en/product/rb-4/

Take a look at the video: https://youtu.be/GBYu3VMnCCU


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