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eXTRASLIT: the fully automatic slitter rewinder for converting films and flexible packaging material

GOEBEL IMS, a brand of IMS TECHNOLOGIES and renowned leader in film and flexible packaging industries, created the eXTRASLIT slitter rewinder, a highly significant machine for both primary and secondary film converting markets. The aim was to develop a modular design that offered versatility while maintaining a competitive price point.

The result is the eXTRASLIT, an exceptionally flexible and fully electric solutionsthat, thanks to the modular concept, allows customers to configure the machine according to their unique production needs.

While always maintaining a high technical level, the new eXTRASLIT offers many different configurations, from the basic version that includes manual cutting format changeover to an advanced version that includes automatic functions and independent electronic adjustments for speed control in the various sections of the machine.

With the ability to process a wide range of plastic films, the eXTRASLIT provides different configurations based on specific requirements. Customers can choose the motorization and surface treatment of the guide rollers, as well as the type of slitting unit (razor blade cutting in groove or air, burst cutting in groove, or scissor cutting) and automations for format changeover on the cutting and winding units, as well as trim winding.

Designed for a working width of up to 3800 mm, the eXTRASLIT allows narrow cuts as small as 270 mm and can handle sensitive films and other substrates in the packaging industry with thicknesses ranging from 2 to 400 μm. With a maximum speed up to 1200 m/min and quick production changeovers, it delivers exceptional productivity and efficiency, surpassing the standard level in the market.

One remarkable feature of the eXTRASLIT is its fully electric nature, eliminating the need for hydraulic oil. This makes it suitable for critical environments such as pharmaceutical and food companies. Additionally, this solution requires minimal maintenance, reducing the need for human resources for regular operations.

The eXTRASLIT is part of the

eSERIES, a new comprehensive primary portfolio of slitting and rewinding solutions by IMS TECHNOLOGIES. All these solutions operate fully electrical, combining high performance, top quality, groundbreaking technology, and innovative design. The eSERIES also includes models like eMONOSLIT and eMONOSLIT GIANT, suitable for working with packaging and technical films with a working width between 7500 mmand 12000mm at speed up to 1500 m/min, as well as eINTERSLIT, offering exceptional efficiency and productivity for converting materials like packaging films, capacitor films, metallized films, and flexible packaging (but also materials like BOPP, BOPE, BOPET, BOPA, CPP). It has a working width between 4000 mm and 7500 mm, operating at speed up to 1250 m/min.

The benefits of eSERIES at a glance are:

  • Energy saving up to 25%
  • No more hydraulic system
  • No oil leakage
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • Easier maintenance
  • Smaller footprint
  • New design
  • MAIA Industrial IoT platform.

If you want to discover more about our product, visit our websites or contact us at sales(at)imstechnologies.com


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