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Cason – Industry 4.0: organization, traceability and value

Why Industry 4.0 is important

Industries, in a faster dynamic and global market, need flexibility and openness to new technologies in order to maintain a competitive position.

This context can be interpreted as an opportunity for transformation and evolution, also made possible by performance monitoring: when looking for new growth solutions, Companies need production data, which provide a clear picture, not only of current performance, but also of that one potential.

Industry 4.0 definition and applications

Companies only process a small percentage of the collected numbers to obtain value from them. Industry 4.0 is an easy and immediate tool with which to create better business models that are able to transform the collected data into concrete actions and intercept any errors.

By considering several key parameters for analysing production trends, such as the speed, quantity and operating time of each product, Industry 4.0 makes it possible to have a greater awareness of the actual costs and thus revenues, thus being able to vary planning and add value.

The Industry 4.0 for Cason

Cason srl manufactures slitter rewinders www.casoncompanies.com/cason-slitters/ and automation systems designed with 4.0 in mind, enabling its customers in the flexible packaging sector to optimise data interchange, track and analyse plant productivity, and provide reliable and accurate data in real time to the plant manager, the production manager and the sales department.

Industry 4.0 key features

The key point of Cason’s approach to Industry 4.0 is to make simpler and more functional the exchange and processing of indicators between its customers’ E.R.P. management software and the software inside their machine, thus determining a smooth, intuitive and effective exchange of data.

In addition, this means offering its customers a high degree of flexibility and customisation, both in terms of the possibility of selecting the data to be collected and the ability to provide a history of the machine’s PLC messages.

Thanks to this dynamism, the software developed at Cason enables a mechanism called “machine learning”, which allows the systems developed to perfect themselves, increasing their productivity and reducing the possibility of errors by learning from the information collected and analysed

Industry 4.0 design

The design and the development of this software is managed entirely inside the Cason factory by a team of professionals who, combining experience and innovation, are able to meet the specific needs of each customer by providing targeted, fast and timely after-sales support, thanks to direct and secure remote connection.

The advantages and the values of Industry 4.0 made in Cason

The advantages of the 4.0 software that Cason offers its customers are not limited to a simple remote support to the client, but thanks to the high level of customisation, it allows them to achieve:

  • A synergy between production departments with the cutting department and warehouse
  • The certainty of the production times and the rationalisation of the production cycles
  • The optimisation of schedules
  • The monitoring of KPIs, which provide readable and immediately applicable operational parameters
  • The reduction of human errors and production waste
  • Complete traceability

Industry 4.0 capabilities and traceability

The traceability guaranteed by Cason does not only concern the products, but also the work of every single machine interconnected within the cutting department, thus allowing the customer to always have the history of the operations carried out available.

Complete traceability also allows interconnection with automatic systems for handling and packaging the finished reels and therefore easier and faster management of the company’s warehouse and internal and external logistics.

Industry 4.0 opportunities and challenges

In conclusion, we can say that choosing to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies does not only mean having a remotely connected machine, but also concretely obtaining collaborations with customers so a valuable resource that allows monitoring and evaluating production performance with a view to connecting costs with benefits.

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