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W&H - 3-Layer Optimex 2 FFS for non-blocked film production without anti-block additive

The OPTIMEX II FFS blown film line was specialized for heavy duty FFS applications. With the latest development in die design, W&H managed to overcome pressure limitations for state-of-the-art film recipes, both in 3 and 5 layers. Thanks to intelligent cooling technology, which prevents the blocking of the collapsed tube, the machine runs unblocked at maximum output at >500 kg/h. "Using the adequate recipe in combination with the latest production technology of the OPTIMEX II FFS, even antiblock additives become obsolete. So although we have highest output, it is no longer necessary to add anti-block additives. In consequence the performance of the OPTIMEX II is hard to beat on the market," says Jonas Schmidt, Product Manager at W&H.


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