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DL-Xtrusion: Training & Support in the blown film Extrusion

The company DL-Xtrusion was founded by Dalibor Lamos to advise and support customers about TRAINING, SUPPORT and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT with its extensive specialist knowledge and many years of professional experience in the field of blown film extrusion.

For the MAXTRUSION company, he also took on process-related customer support.

DALIBOR LAMOS has over 26 years of experience in the blown film sector and has worked in several areas of responsibility such as production, development, and quality control at a large film manufacturer in Germany.

With his structured and extensive training programs, the manufacturer-independent process engineering support on blown film extrusion systems and the innovative support in product development, Mr. Lamos always ensures the best possible product quality and optimal utilization and availability of your systems.

In the TRAINING area, DL-Xtrusion creates individual training programs including the relevant documents. All blown film extrusion systems used for the training are checked for their technical condition beforehand for optimal preparation. The training is carried out on the customer's in-house systems and typical error patterns are simulated in a practical manner during production. The knowledge acquired is deepened through periodic follow-up training. Mr Lamos is of course always happy to answer any questions you may have.


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